Bernie Hayes

The Big Lie

Response to Melissa Block Morning Edition Piece, The Big Lie, Dec. 23, 2021 Dear Melissa, I normally would not bother to respond to the piece... Read More

A Day of Jubilee

This is a day of Jubilee, the fiftieth year of release and freedom, and a day to proclaim Liberty in the land (Lev. 25:10)!  And,... Read More

The Cedar Rapids Holodeck

Who needs a casino when you can have a holodeck? In 1966, unbeknownst to generations succeeding the baby boomers, some incredible occurrences took place.  The... Read More


I am a big fan of “model-based” development when it comes to looking at a problem and proposing a cure.  If we can develop a... Read More


The Welcome Center at Atlantic City NJ is open part of the week,  from 9-5 Wed thru Sun. The Taj Mahal, the Showboat, and the... Read More


Iowa’s top marginal individual tax rate in 2016 (8.98%) was higher than New York’s (8.82%).  And, our rate was significantly higher than 6 other surrounding... Read More