We can do better...


The Welcome Center at Atlantic City NJ is open part of the week,  from 9-5 Wed thru Sun. The Taj Mahal, the Showboat, and the Rebel casinos are all closed. If a major population center can’t sustain 3 state of the art casinos how is a state in the corn-belt to uphold 20? Casinos offer a short-term fix with major potential for long-term taxpayer liability.

We can do better.  How about offering folks opportunities to invest in and support endeavors with tangible impacts on the community and the world:

· Enterprise zones
A breeding ground to select and sponsor the best of the best ideas with great revenue potential

· Blessing factories
Support the efforts of non-profit, charitable organizations through the donation of time, services, and financial gifts.  Organizations like:

Samaritan’s Purse