Climate Change

Climate Change

I am a believer not a denier. I am a believer in Greenland. 80% of Greenland is presently covered with snow and ice, but the Vikings did not name it Greenland to be obtuse or sarcastic. Once upon a time, in the middle ages (900-1300 AD), it was quite “green” and warm. So the question we should be asking is, “How did Greenland become green and warm without the tremendous aid of man-made activity (factories, burning fossil fuels) to create greenhouse gases?  And, how was the planet able to dissipate CO2 levels 5x what they are today without the aid of human intervention?

· The Sun (solar irradiance) is the primary driver of temperature and weather on earth

· Temperature rise precedes CO2 increase by 600 years in geologic history

· Climate models do not accurately portray past weather behavior so how can they be depended on for future predictions

· All human activity, on a percentage basis, contributes a minuscule amount (0.123%) of CO2 to the atmosphere compared with other sources (the oceans).

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