Disinformation Is Not Proof of No Fraud Allegations

Tom Barton stated that “Local candidates embrace false election fraud claims…”

As much as the Gazette seeks to fabricate a controversy where none exists, Secretary Pate is not spending his time trying to herd errant cats into the fold of political correctness.  In our party, we can actually think and assess situations for ourselves.   We can be grateful for the Secretary’s leadership to see that Iowa’s elections are conducted with the highest integrity but as MLK said, “Injustice anywhere is threat to justice everywhere.”  Our goal should be to minimize if not eliminate all possible vulnerabilities.

I do reference Mike Lindell and Dinesh D’Souza (2,000 Mules film) on my website in a response letter to NPR, but, funny thing, that’s not all that’s there.  My conviction on the fraudulent nature of the Nov. 2020 election does not hinge on two items alone, but on a plethora of data and information which Mr. Barton made no reference to or mention of.  As I have studied it, the 2020 election fraud consisted of just about every scheme imaginable, and then some (intimidation, theft, destruction, manipulation (physical and electronic), bias, judicial (in)-activism (dismissing cases without reviewing a shred of evidence), and outright law-breaking). 

Here are just some of the items Mr. Barton failed to report (disinformation?) in his piece from my website:

  1.  The multiplicity of websites cataloguing fraud related evidence, events, and data surrounding the Nov. 2020 election:

2. The following is just a brief sampling (there’s plenty more) of the irregularities and outright illegalities of what took place in some key swing states in Nov. of 2020:

Georgia   -Biden win margin, 11,779

  • Counting ballots without independent observers, a violation of Georgia law, estimated at between 37,000 and 120,000 ballots
  • Audit of election results revealed high numbers of under-aged (66,247), unregistered (2,423), and deceased (10, 315) voters
  • The chairman of the judiciary subcommittee (William T. Ligon), in a 15 page report, called the election “untrustworthy” and recommended that the certification of the results be rescinded.

Pennsylvania –Biden win margin 81,660

  • The number of voters exceeded the total number of ballots by 202, 377.  The final discrepancy value came down to 170,830, twice the Biden win margin.
  • Jesse Moran, a USPS truck driver, in a sworn affidavit, stated that he transported 144,000 – 288,000 ballots from New York to (Lancaster) Pennsylvania on October 21, 2020.  The next day, his trailer was not to be found.

Michigan –Biden win margin 154,188

  • Chain of custody was broken for the Qualified Voter File, 616,648 ineligible voters were eligible to vote
  • Chain of custody was broken for the Poll Books; 13,248 absentee and early voters were not residents of Michigan
  • Constitutional violation- delegation of legislative authority to certify election results given to the governor in MCL 168.46
  • Dominion voting machine vulnerabilities
    • 68% adjudication error rate (requiring human intervention to determine voter’s intentions)
    • Encryption keys stolen
    • Audit logs deleted
    • Original ballot images deleted

Wisconsin –Biden win margin 20,682

  • 200,000 ballots counted without independent observers in violation of Wisconsin law
  • ~226,000 absentee votes were tainted by illegal solicitation and invalid applications
  • 170,000 ballots cast without separate application
  • 121,251 registered voters between the ages of 110-119 years
  • USPS employees directed to back date ballots

It is illegal, under Wisconsin law, to return a ballot to an (unmanned, not in-person) ballot box.

These are not “false facts”, they are verifiable truths.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a media that pursued and reported on truth with bulldog tenacity?

Be your own arbiters for the truth.