The Cedar Rapids Holodeck

Who needs a casino when you can have a holodeck? In 1966, unbeknownst to generations succeeding the baby boomers, some incredible occurrences took place.  The Baltimore Orioles “dream team” swept... Read More

School Safety and Gun Violence

When I look at our culture, it seems to me that we love to put a lot of things on “autopilot”. I don’t necessarily mean using a labor-saving device to... Read More


I am a big fan of “model-based” development when it comes to looking at a problem and proposing a cure.  If we can develop a model or point to an... Read More


The Welcome Center at Atlantic City NJ is open part of the week,  from 9-5 Wed thru Sun. The Taj Mahal, the Showboat, and the Rebel casinos are all closed.... Read More


Iowa’s top marginal individual tax rate in 2016 (8.98%) was higher than New York’s (8.82%).  And, our rate was significantly higher than 6 other surrounding states with the exception of... Read More

Climate Change

I am a believer not a denier. I am a believer in Greenland. 80% of Greenland is presently covered with snow and ice, but the Vikings did not name it... Read More

Water Quality

We need only to think of the community of Flint, MI to realize what heart-break and devastation a contaminated water supply would wreak upon ourselves and generations to come. Whether... Read More