The Big Lie

Response to Melissa Block Morning Edition Piece, The Big Lie, Dec. 23, 2021

Dear Melissa,

I normally would not bother to respond to the piece presented on NPR regarding “The Big Lie” of the election results of November 2020.  I can only hope that this reply will make it further than a trash bind.  The reason I am responding is because I feel compelled to seek for and expose the Truth just as earnestly as you feel the need to expose what you believe to be a lie.  I can only hope that for the sake of Truth, you will grant me the time and opportunity to connect you with some of the evidence for the “other side”.

Let’s start here:  ask yourself this question, why hasn’t Joe Biden corrected or recanted on his statement that his campaign was able to put together “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in the history of American politics” (  You could say he obviously misspoke, but if not, why not simply correct it or explain what he really meant?  He has done neither, leading us to conclude what?  (He doesn’t care what he said, he has no need to explain it, or maybe it just might be true.)

Like a mantra, many news organizations, NPR included, will repeatedly (relentlessly) state that there is “no evidence” for the Nov. 2020 presidential election fraud.  My concern is that I hear the statement, but I’m never given the evidence to back it up.  I hear commentators share their opinions and views, but no examination or explanation of what they have done to invalidate the allegations.

I have to ask, how hard have you or any of the commentators looked at, tried to explain, or explored the evidence promulgated by various sites claiming that there was fraud?

There are several sites that are the source for fraud allegations:          

  • Lindell Cyber Symposium, Professor David Clements (8/24/21) (no longer available on YouTube, I wonder why, so check out the link below)
  • (7 hour conference)

The following points are derived from the site and can be viewed by state.  I have selected a few states and listed key statements and allegations regarding the election results of 2020.


Biden margin of victory -11,779 votes

The chairman of the judiciary subcommittee (William T. Ligon), in a 15 page report, called the results of the 2020 election “untrustworthy” and recommended that the certification of the results be rescinded.

Key Allegations

  • Failures in ballot chain of custody (votes logged in flash drives were lost then found at least 3 times impacting approximately 2,700 votes)
  • Manual adjudication of Fulton Co. ballots at 93.7%
  • Counting without independent observers (estimated that 37,000-120,000 ballots impacted)
  • 1,700 instances of double voting
  • Audit revealed a high number of under age (66,247), unregistered (2,423), deceased (10,315) voters


Biden margin of victory -81,660 votes

  • Laptop and USB memory sticks containing “electronic keys” to voting machines stolen from warehouse in Philadelphia ( 1 month prior to election.
  • The state supreme court permitted lax security controls for mail-in ballots contravening the U.S. Constitution.
  • A discrepancy of 202,377 votes exist between the actual number of voters and the total number of ballots (more ballots than voters)
  • Jesse Moran (in a sworn affidavit) states that he transported 144,000-288,000 completed ballots from New York to (Lancaster) Pennsylvania on October 21, 2020.  The next day, his trailer was not to be found.
  • 1,573 ballots came from voters over 100 years old.
  • Courts (state supreme and US Supreme) have declined to hear cases.
  • Three counties have refused to turn over their election material to support an audit (Philadelphia, York, Tioga)
  • On November 19, 2021, (3) whistleblower videos captured Pennsylvania election officials destroying election evidence (Rob Schmidt, Newsmax)


Biden margin of victory -154,188 votes

  • Chain of Custody Broken
    • Qualified Voter File
      • 616,648 ineligible voters were eligible to vote
    • Poll Books
      • 13,248 absentee or early voters not residents of Michigan
      • 2,474 voters with invalid addresses
    • Vote Tallies
      • A minimum of 289,866 illegal votes cast
      • Dominion election system with 68% error rate driving suspicious adjudication rate
      • Republican poll workers rejected from polling places by election officials
      • Election processes executed without representatives of both major political parties
      • Destruction of election artifacts prior to the end of the 22 month archival requirement
  • Statutory Violations
    • Constitutional Violations
      • Delegation of legislative authority to certify election results to the governor in MCL 168.46
      • Unequal protection of law provided in favor of democrats
    • Wayne County
      • No signatures of Republican canvassers affixed to statement of certification
      • Official vote results show Zero registered voters against a tally of 172,337 votes
  • Dominion Systems Security Vulnerabilities
    • Dominion CEO John Poulos testified under oath that ranked choice voting module which allows  fractional voting was not enabled in Antrim County
    • Fractional votes were evident in the data stream from Dominion servers to Edison servers
    • Evidence that internet connectivity was present during voting in contrast to CEO testimony
    • Dominion system manuals explicitly refer to internet/Ethernet connectivity
    • Encryption keys were stolen
    • Audit logs deleted
    • Original ballot images deleted


Biden margin of victory -20, 682votes

  • 200,000 ballots were counted without independent observation
  • ~226,000 absentee votes were tainted by illegal solicitation and invalid applications
  • 205,355 active voters registered Nov. 3, 2020, then 205,000 voters were removed from rolls within a year following the election

Per Wisconsin law, “Results which do not comply with those regulations may not be included in the certified results of any election” and yet,

  • In Madison and Milwaukee, 28,395 people voted without identification
  • 2,000 ballots in Dane and Milwaukee counties were counted despite no clerk initials
  • 170,000 ballots were cast without a separate application
  • 121,251 active Wisconsin voters were registered for 110-119 years
  • 45,665 (out of 957,977) new voters registered with driver’s licenses not matching DMV records
  • USPS employees were ordered to back date  ballots and told that 100,000 ballots were missing

Given these points and allegations (and this is just a fraction as you may surmise), in all truthfulness I have to ask, “Who is telling the Truth to who”?  I’ll be listening for some evidence that answers these and many more questions.

[New addition] And to top it off, have you seen the movie 2,000 Mules ( This one scheme alone was enough to sway the outcome of the election.

A wise King (Solomon) of Israel wrote the following 3,000 years ago, “Buy the Truth, and do not sell it!”       (Proverbs 23:23)

Bernie Hayes